Is your brand worth talking about?

According to a report by alternative media researcher, PQ Media, word-of-mouth, also referred to as buzz or viral marketing, was the “fastest-growing slice of the $254 billion marketing industry [in 2006] and is expected to account for more than $1 billion of ad spending in 2007.” By 2011, word-of-mouth ad spending is expected to triple to $3.7 billion.

Although word-of-mouth is the oldest form of advertising, in an era where user content drives blogs and social networking sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook, word-of-mouth is mandatory arsenal for developing brand awareness.

Inexpensive as it is credible, The Toronto Globe writer, Sinclair Stewart, warns that word-of-mouth can also be a “two-edged sword.” Swinging in the opposite direction, the word-of-mouth pendulum can be detrimental if consumer feedback is negative.

Making brand news good news for consumers to chat about is strategy worth implementing.

Marketers Use Word-of-Mouth to Whip up Sales

Customer’s Word is Best Advertisement

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