Eileen Campbell, CEO of renowned market research company, Millward Brown Group, speaks with Small Business Channel Editor for BusinessWeek magazine, Nick Leiber about building a global brand from local roots.
In the noted webisode, Campbell and Leiber provide examples of small businesses such as Craigslist and Ben & Jerry’s who became global because they were, “great locally in lots of places.” According to Campbell, it is essential not to “try to be a global brand before you are a fabulous local brand.”

A central focus of EPiC Measures, LLC is working with clients to capitalize on “the smallest of things [in order] to have an EPiC [or extraordinary] effect” on their consumers/target audience. Doing so enables a company or individual to create brand recognition that reflects a genuinely compelling story.

Our strategy mirrors expert advice which is to incrementally focus on the brand experience for a defined target market. The end result is a groundswell of word-of-mouth and relevant media exposure that awakens the world to your brand.

Reference: How Small Companies Build Big Brands

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