The key to launching successful brand or marketing initiatives is being able to make the proper distinction between the two.Business Week’s Special Report validates EM’s claim that it is more important to create a brand before marketing a business, good or service. In the report, writer, Karen Klein addresses the need to define brand identity based on a “product’s ‘personality’” before spending time and money on marketing initiatives such as advertising, PR, and sales.

In addition to explaining why branding is not synonymous with marketing and advertising and that the word brand should not be used in lieu of company/business or product, our goal is to help clients determine the why as well as the how of their brand.

Creating a brand (story or “personality”) is essential to determining the feasibility of a company, good and/or service. Without a story that defines the value provided to the market place, marketing a business becomes nothing more than a liability.

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Reference: A Personal Guide to Branding

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