Slow to adapt to the Internet model, print media brand have experienced a decline in subscribers as well as ad sales. How can they rebound?

1. Provide interactive content, which allow readers to comment, build forums/communities and even blogs around your publication.
2. Offer helpful and fun services or special offers redeemable online only e.g. virtual test drives for car and automotive magazine and 3D features if you are a fashion or self-help publication.
3. Create themed Web sites that cater to your target market.
4. Use some print headliners but add unique content to appeal to a bigger market. For example, add a city or venue synopsis as a sidebar for event reviews.
5. Archive or make older copies available online. No matter how much times change; people still like to see their name and/or likeness in print. Providing links for readers to use will help drive hits to the Web site.
6. Keep a gallery of pictures; include an event calendar, and a snapshot of world or national news related to your subject.
7. Be relevant and keep content current.

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