Seminars & Workshops

Are the marketing tactics you employ no longer working? EPiC Measures provides marketing seminars and workshops that begin with the origin of branding and include the marketing mix.


EPiC Measures’ BrandNu Seminar Series™ enables business managers and leaders, marketers, entrepreneurs and other professionals to implement plans that align with a well-defined brand. One aspect of the Seminar Series is teaching participants how to use the 7 Facets of Business to meet business objectives. Discussing ethical leadership is another aspect.

During instruction, participants will work as a team or mastermind to implement proven strategies. Practical, insightful knowledge may be applied personally as well as professionally.

Upon completion of a seminar or workshop, participants will be able to:

• Identify the 7 Facets of Business
• Differentiate between marketing and branding
• Create or redefine a brand promise for each Facet of Business
• Align internal and external processes with brand promises
• Pinpoint products that enhance the brand experience and increase value
• Develop marketing and communications strategies that meet business plan objectives
• Market & Brand to Profit
• Communicate brand messages effectively

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